1930s Lido
3 tanks (inc. Chieftain Tank)
5 abandoned jets Vampire/Venom, Sea Hawk, Hunter, Jet Provost and Meteor (permission)
Abandoned 1930s Cars
Abandoned trains Waterside
Abbey Mills Pumping Station (permission)
Abney Park Cemetery
Acorn Shipyard
Aircraft Graveyard Cornwall
Airplane Graveyard Midlands / Avro Shackleton
Alheri 1970s millionaires bungalow
Alltwalis Chapel
Anechoic chamber Pyestock
Ardvreck Castle
Ark Academy
Asylum Village B
Balintore Castle
Barbican / Albion Hotel
Baron Hill Estate
Beach Tavern
Beacon Waste Incinerator
Bedham Chapel
Bennetston Hall
Birnbeck Pier
Bleeding Doors hospital
Blood Donor Centre
Blunsdon Thames Water Bunker
Bodium trains
Bradford rail tunnel and bridge
Bristol Cars underground garage
Brynmawr rubber factory (remains)
Buchanan Castle
Burgoyne Burbidges and Co
Care home C / Religious Centre C in Kent
Carmel College
Caterham F1 Racing HQ
Cattistock Lodge
Cement Works S
Central Methodist Church, Midlands
Chapel with organ, Wales
Chequers Hotel
Chieftain tanks Imber
Children’s Therapy Centre
Chinese Millionaires Luxury Mansion
Christchurch Police Station and Juvenile Court Room
Church near Leicester
Church of St Joseph
Cineworld cinema
Coco Chanel Mansion
Colliery Coal Mine C
Combe Park
Coors Brewery
Corbyn Hotel
Cottage Hospital
Court Stairs Manor
Courts and Police Station D
Cresent Cinema
Crystal Palace Subway
Dalquharran Castle
Dannah House Care Home
Dean Hill Ammo Depot (tunnels and underground railway)
Denbigh Asylum / Denby Asylum
Department store TJ
Derby and Hartley University Building
Dome House (Grand Designs)
Doughty House and art gallery
Duke of Lancaster ship
Dunalastair House, Perthshire
Dunmore Park House
Electrical Warehouses (Sussex)
Empire Theatre
English Teachers house
Enterprise Point music college
Eversfield Hospital
Finsbury Park reservoir
Fire Training helicopter
Five Brothers / Power Station Cooling Towers
Fonthill house
Forth Park Maternity Hospital
Fox Brothers Mill
Foxtrot B-39 Soviet submarine
German U Boat wreck
Golf and Country Club
Gondola Hotel
Grain Tower Battery
Grand hotel (IoW)
Great Tew Manor
Greenham Common GAMA
Greenhouses Essex with van
Greymare East rocket test stand
Grosvenor Casino and Ballroom
Haggerston Baths
Harcourt Sands Holiday Camp and Pool (IoW)
Hauxton Mill
Heathfield Tunnel
Heslerton Hall haunted house (North Yorkshire)
High Royds Asylum (part converted)
Highmead School
Hippodrome D
HM Prison Kingston
HMS Bronington
Hoarders Church
Hobbit House / Colin’s Barn
Holy Trinity Church
Hospital C in Kent
Hospital Clean
Hospital F
Hospital G
Hospital R
Hotel California / Royal Castle Pub
House "Film 1979"
House 1970s
House with Bentley (been in newspapers)
House with cars
Huge mustard gas plant
Ice Rink (IoW)
ICI Nobel power station
Ida Darwin Hospital
Jack Bassetts mansion
Jameah Islameah School chapel
Jeld Wen timber
JFK Church
Jonny English mansion
Jubilee Line Train Graveyard (currently none there - Jan 2020)
Keir Holme Farm
Kings Hall Methodist Church
Kinmel Hall
Knolle Park / St Gabriel’s Convent
Leisure Centre
Lennox Castle
Lister Drive Library
Locarno Dance Hall (formerly the Corn Exchange)
Longbridge Plant MG Motors
Loudoun Castle Theme Park
Loxley Chapel
Luddington House
Mam Tor Abandoned Road
Mansion Mattresses / Mansion Cobwebs
Mansion Porno Hoarder / Hundred Acre House
Mansion with bad pool
Marian Estate
Martha’s Gay Bar
Maternity Hospital FP
McDougalls Flour Mill
Mechanics Institute
Megatron drains
Memorial Swimming Baths (may be sealed)
Midland Railway graveyard
Midwife Manor
Military Chemical Labs
Milk Factory
Millenium Mills, Docklands
Millionaires Row mansion
Milton’s Manor
Minley Manor Farm
Mock Tudor house / Cannabis Grow House
Monckton Coke and Chemical (only parts remain)
Mossley Manor Care Home
Mountfield House Mansion
Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory
Naturopathic Hospital
NCP House (abandoned classic cars and pool)
Newsham Park Hospital
North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary
North Wales Theatre
Oakmoor Train Graveyard (may be permission?)
Octel Bromine Works
Odeon Cinema B
Owlsnest pool, cars and bunker
P38 wreck on sandbar “Maid Of Harlech” (sometimes under sand)
Pablo Escobars mansion / Ten Million pound mansion
Pagefield Hotel
Park Hill Flats
Park Hotel L
Permanite Asphalt
Peter Rabbit plane + 3 others (live airfield)
Pilkington Glass
Pink Coconut nightclub
Plane near RAF Spadeadam
Planes near RAF Spadeadam
Plaza Cinema
Pleasure Island theme park
Police Station Bi
Police Station Bo
Police Station Hy
Portsdown Fuel Bunker Tunnels
Power station with 650 foot chimney
Prince Andrew’s mansion (Chloe Explores name)
Psych Hospital W / Asylum W
Quarry Brett
RAF Chilmark
RAF Church Fenton
RAF Coltishall
RAF Control Tower, Kingston Bagpuize
RAF Greenham Bomb Store
RAF High Ercall
RAF Nocton Hall hospital
RAF Thurleigh ATC tower
RAF Wroughton Underground Reservoir and Pillboxes
REA Bedford 3x3 windtunnel
REA Bedford 8x8 windtunnel
Redcar Steelworks
Reeds Board and Paper Mill
Robert Fletcher paper mill
Robin Hill mansion with swimming pool in basement
Rockwood Pigments Factory and 2 mines
Roma Park caravans
Royal Hospital Haslar
Royal London Hospital Dentist School
Royal Papworth Hospital
Royalty Cinema
Rugeley Powerstation B
Saint Elisabeth''s Church
School for the Deaf
Seven Pines / Bryan Forbes Mansion
Severn Trent wastewater treatment plant
Sheffield Courthouse
Shipwreck Dayspring
Silverlands Orphanage
Sleepy Hollow mansion / Leopard Manor
Snowdown Colliery
Solar Fireplaces factory
Somerset care home with power on
Springs Hotel / Ian Gillan mansion
St Andrews Church
St Davids Hotel
St Johns Church
St Leonards Church
St Marys Church, Leeds
St Michael chapel
St Peters Hospital
St Peters Hospital Mortuary
St Sylvesters Church
St Thomas Hospital Asylum
St. Josephs Seminary
St. Peter''s Seminary
State Cinema
Stratheden Hospital
Sugar Puffs Factory
Sunnyside Hospital
Swimming pools BA
T-34 Tank
Tai-Hei 1970s bungalow
Tenterden Train Graveyard
The Ark / Greenbank Synagogue
The Grand Theatre / Wonderlounge
The Ice Factory
The Old Rectory Carehome
Thoresby Coliery (being redeveloped from 2019)
Tin and arsenic mine
Tiny Chapel, Wales
Tipner shipwrecks
Tottenham House
Train graveyard LM
Tropospheric Scatter Dishes (only 1 left)
Underground reservoir HH
Underground warehouse and abandoned call centre
Walkabout nightclub and former bank (tricky access)
Water Park NS
Water plant and VW vans
Wellington Rooms / Irish Centre
West Ham Courthouse
Westbury House Nursing Home
Westwood House
Wild West Town
Wilfreds Hospice
Witley Park underwater ballroom
Woolton Hall
Wye Labs
Yellow Butterfly Manor