Airport Hotel (shell)
Bath house #8
Cable Car G
CCCP Sanatorium Hotel A
Chalet Southern Shelter
Community Centre / Town Hall
Cow Hotel / Escher Sport Complex
Fancy Cinema
Former Pepsi Factory
Former Pioneer Camp
Gagarin Shopping Centre
Ghost town Ak
Ghost town Poly
Ghost trains and carriages
Industrial Bakery
Institute of Georgian Filmmakers
Iron Age rock-cut town ruins
Lenin Sanatorium
Massive psychiatric hospital
Military sanatorium E
Mine Number 6
Octopus playground
Old Train Depot (Burnt out trains)
Olympic Site S
Railway bridge Ing
Railway Bridge O
Railway Station Ak
Railway station T
Sana Sanatorium (Permission visit?)
Sanatorium G
Sanatorium Gag
Sanatorium Imereti
Sanatorium Iveria
Sanatorium May
Sanatorium R
School Number 5
Scientific Research Institute of tea industry
Skala Hotel
Small Cable Car Station
Soviet Summer Camp
Stalins Death Coffins cablecars
Tea Factory O
Tea Packing Factory
Thermal power plant T
Winter Theatre
Wooden planks and wire bridge
WWII Floating Docks and shipwreck